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Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Here at Remarkable Physios we pride ourselves on being a hand picked group of individuals with various areas of expertise. We like to think we’re pretty good at what we do and have fined tuned the art of professionalism combined with the personal touch. We work hard and laugh harder…because no injury ever improves by being miserable!

Pete – Director and Physiotherapist (the boss) Pete knows his stuff. He’s a problem solver and if there’s a complex injury to work out he’s the man. If someone came in with their legs on back to front Pete could fix them. He’s a walking encyclopaedia on physiology and injuries (I’m pretty sure he actually just makes words up). He has a soft spot for Lewis Road chocolate milkshakes and has mighty vocal cords – you’re guaranteed to hear him anywhere within a 10 mile radius of the clinic. The only thing he doesn’t understand is my accent. He also has questionable jokes – heckling is encouraged.

Pete pretending he can ride a bike…

Mitch – Physiotherapist A physio celebrity in Invercargill (apparently) Mitch brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. As an athlete himself, he pretends to play cricket and enjoys his mothers’ homemade sandwiches (awwww). He may be a fine physiotherapist but he doesn’t know how to change a bin and definitely do not trust him with your caramel slice because if there’s one thing we’ve learnt – Mitch has a cheeky sweet tooth. He loves Thursday treats that one!

Steph - Physiotherapist The newest member of the team Steph is positive, friendly and the Kombucha Queen (next time you’re in clinic we’ll let you try some of her homemade brew, it’s yum). She can work wonders on your lumbar spine and her magic fingers hit all the right places. Her favourite part of the day is when we offer her a good old English cuppa! Oh and she likes to go camping…in her garden.

Rocking up for work looking glam with a mimosa…

Lucy – Office Manager and Massage Therapist I’m not sure exactly what Lucy does but I do know that it’s very important and involves a lot of codes, numbers and tricky computer stuff. She’s the woman who keeps the day to day clinic jazz going and keeps us in check. When she’s not at the front desk you’ll find her in the treatment room, making a good old Yorkshire tea or fighting with Mitch for the last caramel slice…

She actually put up this sign in her back garden…

Heather (that’s me) – Massage Therapist and Receptionist My main struggle at the clinic is that nobody understands me – who knew the Mancunian accent was so hard to understand? Now I come with subtitles. I spend my days either covering reception and pretending to know how to input various codes or in the treatment room doing soft tissue work. My elbows enjoy nothing more than a hypertonic glute. I also make a cracking cup of tea (just saying) and the only person who can speak louder than me is Pete (however I easily surpass him in the comedy hierarchy).

This excited about a cup of English tea…

Carla (the REAL boss and Pete’s wife) Carla is the mastermind behind the business. She takes care of all the behind the scenes admin and keeps the clinic running. You might not see her much as she’s busy looking after her three kids (two girls under the age of four and Pete). She’s as cool as a cucumber and phased by nothing. She always brings me coffee so she’s one of my faves.

Carla leggin’ it from Pete’s jokes…

The Remarkable Physios staff also work alongside some other fine professionals to ensure we provide the best services to our patients…

Georgina – Podiatrist (Georgina Read Podiatry) An expert in the lower limb and foot George has been hailed by many who originally enter the clinic with a limp and leave with swag. She knows her stuff and when she isn’t touching up toes or wielding a scalpel you’ll find her making orthotics, drinking a soy latte or riding her bike up a mountain somewhere. She occasionally bakes us really good scones or even lasagne if it’s a good day (wild, I know).

She’s as good with feet as she is at perfecting profile photographs

Ben Griffin – Strength and Conditioning (Alpine Performance Queenstown) Ben is the guy who can turn you into The Hulk. Except not green. And slightly smaller. Basically, you’ll look nothing like The Hulk (hopefully) but he can aid all those strength and conditioning needs. He works alongside the physios in injury rehab and prevention and to improve performance, specialising in ski racing. Ben also loves a good cuppa and you’ll often find him adventuring somewhere up a mountain in his free time. I once went with him and nearly fell off a mountain.

Pete and Ben (right) with world class ski racer Alice Robinson

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