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Massage (because it's awesome)

We’ve all heard of massage right? It's that lovely treatment we have at the spa where someone puts whale music on and the smell of scented candles floats through the air. We then proceed to get a relaxing body rub and fall asleep. That's great but what is this kind of massage actually doing? To be honest...probably nothing. Well, that's not technically true, it may leave you feeling relaxed and de stressed which is an important health factor. You also smell really nice afterwards. But muscle tissue wise, it's probably not doing a great deal for the majority of us. So what about deep tissue and sports massage? Aha, now we're asking questions. Sports massage is more targeted and specific. The aim of deep tissue and sports massages are to apply pressure and manipulate the muscle tissue to help relieve pain, restrictions and adhesions. It frees the muscles, facilitates the release of tension patterns and can restore suppleness, length and increased range of motion.Various techniques can be used from deep slow strokes, to trigger point release to pin and stretch. It can help with stiffness, soreness, scar tissue and to improve range of movement (particularly after injury). So is sports massage just for athletes? NO WAY. Sports massage is beneficial for people who have aches and pains in specific areas (e.g. migraines), those who do a lot of repetitive work, athletes, those recovering from injury and those wanting to prevent injury. Whatever your age, profession, activity level or physical condition may be, regular massage can enhance your life by reducing the effects of physical, mental, and emotional stress on your body allowing you to move more freely, enabling you to breathe more fully, and leaving you less prone to injury. Our belief? It can keep us doing what we love for longer and enjoy this important thing called life!

''If you listen to your body when it whispers, you wont have to hear it scream"

Do you have massage at Remarkable Physios? ABSOLUTELY. We are one of Queenstown's only multi specialty service providers. We have physio, massage, podiatry, strength and conditioning, Axis Sports Medicine and various surgeons consulting from our clinic. This means we have a very integrated approach to treatment which can be crucial to recovery. This is where massage comes in. We view clinical massage as an extremely valuable service to many of our patients and an important tool in getting their bodies back to optimal health. That hands on, time on tissue work can be a game changer for so many of us and sometimes we don't even realise this. I'm not injured...can I still get a sports massage? YES. YES. YES. We encourage people to take care of themselves, move more and stay on top of looking after their bodies so they can get out there and make the most of their lifestyle! Sports massage is a great way of doing this, helping to maintain balance and prevent muscular problems rather than treating them once already injured, is something we actively encourage. What can I expect? Remarkable Physios is trusted for the knowledge and experience of its staff members. Our massage therapist, Heather, has years of experience providing treatments for professional athletes, keen weekend warriors and office junkies. She has fabulous elbows, a northern English accent that few can understand and great clinical proficiency. Her treatments are specific as she draws on her anatomical and musculoskeletal knowledge to get you back on track and see real results. Heather has a great understanding of pain, injuries and movement patterns as she works closely with the physios providing integrated treatments to aid in rehabilitation. If you're looking for a targeted, deep massage look no further...we've got you covered. Disclaimer: Do not expect whale music and scented candles. It's also highly unlikely that you will fall asleep. But there is a high chance that you will leave feeling grateful that you took the plunge into the big bad world of srtsop massage.

Your body is one of your most valuable possessions, look after it.

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