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Please get in touch if you have any questions or query's.


T: 03 4510186

Is my appointment covered by ACC

We are a registered ACC provider.

To be eligible for ACC, your injury must be caused by an accident – meaning an event that is defined by a time, location and mechanism of injury. Injuries with causes other than an accident, such as illness, conditions related to ageing and injuries that happen over time are not covered.

If you are eligible for ACC we will file a claim on your behalf if one doesn’t already exist. ACC will provide a partial payment towards your appointment fee, reducing the cost to you. They may also provide cover for treatment costs, including braces.


How much will my appointment cost? 

Please call us on 03 451 0186 for a breakdown of our pricing


How long will my appointment take?

Initial appointments (first time seeing us for any new injury) are 40 minutes long.

Follow up appointments are generally 20 minutes long. 

If you have not seen your physiotherapist for longer than 3 months you will need to book in for a 40 minute appointment.


Can you refer me to another health provider? eg specialist 

If we feel you need extra help with your recovery, we can always refer you on to an appropriate professional who we believe can help. This may be a sports doctor, a specialist physiotherapist, sports nutritionist, or even to a surgeon.  We will always help you to find the right path to achieve your recovery goals; we welcome collaboration and it is at the heart of what we do.


Can you directly bill my insurance company for my physio appointments?

We have a direct billing arrangement with Southern Cross.  Please provide us with your membership number if you would like us to see if we can direct bill Southern Cross for your physio appointments.

For all other insurance providers we are able to send you a full receipt which you can send to your provider to claim back from them direct. 

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