Here at Remarkable Physios we offer a wide range of treatment techniques to help you.

Manual Therapy

  • Forms the basis of our treatment approach, varying from mobilisations to manipulations, massage to scar breakdown techniques

Exercise Therapy

  • On-site, rehabilitation gyms for your use
  • Personalised a fitness or rehabilitation programmes
  • Pilates, Swiss ball exercises, thera-band exercises, cross training and endurance training
  • Sports specific rehabilitation, retraining and enhancement
  • Work specific rehabilitation to get you back to work fast

Pelvic Floor Health

  • Women’s and Men’s Health for all your continence issues
  • Pre and post natal care
  • Pre and post surgical treatments
  • Prolapse care
  • Chronic pelvic pain issues
  • Pelvic floor muscle retraining

Breathing Disorders

  • For treating breathing pattern disorders
  • Symptom management of respiratory conditions such as asthma, chronic respiratory disease and hyperventilation syndrome
  • Sports enhancement through correct breathing
  • Breathing retraining usually involves an initial 1 hr appointment, with 3 – 5 half hour follow up appointments as you improve

Work Place Health and Safety Management

  • Worksite Assessments to assess and correct workstations
  • Worksite Consulting to reduce injuries and reduce business costs
  • Workplace Manual Handling Training for your staff
  • Vocational rehabilitation – we are highly trained in this field and very effective in getting people back to work quickly and safely

Wellness Packages

Remarkable Physios offers a variety of Wellness Packages to help you maintain and improve your health and vitality at home and at work.

  • 6 Week Programmes
  • Stressed to Chilled, find the relaxed person inside you
  • 12 Week Programmes
  • Posture Control, change your posture, change your life
  • Fitness Enhancement, feel, look and perform like a winner
  • Fit and Fab, control your core
  • Breathing with Ease, improve your breathing, improve your life
  • Brain and Body Balance, for multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke or brain trauma
  • Aging with Style, regain the lifestyle you want
  • Healthy Weight and Healthy You, improve your health, change your life
  • Programmes for Mums and Mums-to-be
  • Pampered Mummy, 2 x massages and a pelvic health check with our Women’s Health expert
  • Indulgent Mummy, 5 x massages, a pelvic health check with our Women’s Health expert, and a post-natal toning session

Programmes for Work

  • Workplace Safety and Cost Reduction, develop a remarkable workplace

Or our expert body mechanics can design a pro-active, one on one programme to get you back on track right here in Queenstown.

Contact us for more details.