Make Sports massage part of your training routine will reduce your downtime and risk of injury and help you achieve your goals quicker. We are always working together with Physiotherapists and other muscular-skeletal specialists to tailor your treatment towards your goal and get you back on your feet.

Deep Tissue Massage uses techniques from Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Acupressure, to effectively release tension.  We also use elements from Deep Tissue Massage and Therapeutic Massage to tailor your massage therapy session to you personally.  The aim here is to help  soften toughened muscle fibre in order to improve function and get the muscle work normally and pain free again. Not all Deep Tissue Massage has to be painful to the extreme. We  need to use just enough pressure to get to the deeper layers of tissue, which should be well within your comfort zone. Your massage therapist will discuss with you exactly what your goals are.

Sports Massage Therapy is an essential tool for recovery in any sport and as part of your weekly training schedule, will allow you to train more efficiently and achieve your sporting goals quicker. Deep tissue work allows for faster recovery, less inflammation and less downtime. Sports massage has been clinically proven to be the best way to keep connective tissue supple and elastic to combat the stress of training on the body. Sports massage increases the localised blood flow to your muscles and helps to decrease the inflammatory response of the body after a workout. Only sports massage can deliver this crucial part of recovery to your system in the context of active relaxation.